Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recruiter Badge Cake

I haven't done a cake in a while and I mentioned it to Sue K. at church. She mentioned that her son in law, Adam, recently won an award for top new recruiter for 2008 for his region. Well, that sounds like a good enough reason for a cake. And since Sue K. is a former professional baker, a collaboration was in order. Adam's wife, Erin, sent me a picture of a recruiter badge that he has and I figured I can make a cake out of that.

This would be the top of a round cake. The side would be lettering using a stencil and spray-on food coloring. The green ring would be simple fondant with piped lettering. The real challenge was the eagle. I went with a sugar cookie with royal icing. Here's how it turned out:

Sue baked the cake and did the piping and royal icing work. I carved and baked the cookie, did the fondant work, and the lettering work. Here's a picture of Adam behind the cake.

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