Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fender Stratocaster Cake

So my sister called me up on Saturday asking if I would make a guitar cake for her stepson's birthday. He wanted a guitar cake and he wanted it to be red. I thought about it for a bit and called her back to say I would do it and to get some details. He wanted it to be a Fender Stratocaster and it needed to be done in a week.


Fortunately, I have "Rock Band" for the XBox 360 and it came with a plastic Stratocaster guitar controller. So I used that as my model along with some Internet research. I started on Tuesday baking two cakes. One was a 12x18 cake. The other was a 9x13 cake. I cut & carved and stuck some pieces together to get the general shape. Then I gave it a crumb coat. Although in hindsight, I think that might be a bit more than a crumb coating.

It took a lot of red dye to get this color right. It kept coming out pink until I put a bottle and a half of red dye in with the fondant. On the neck, I used a piece of tan fondant I had sitting around and blended it with some white fondant. It lightened the tan nicely. I stopped just short of a smooth blend so there would be some white lines. It added a bit of a wood grain texture to it. Bonus :-)

The front plate was easier. It's just rolled white fondant. The tricky part was cutting the right shape. I traced the shape onto parchment paper, cut it out, and used that as a template for cutting the fondant.

For the posts, I used gum paste. For the strings, I used fishing line. I got some edible silver paint and used 2 or 3 coats depending on the part. For the volume and tune knobs, I melted some white chocolate and used a form I found at the cake store in York. I used a fine tip edible ink marker for the detailed wording. I think the final results are acceptable. There are some imperfections, but that's okay. It's not like I charged my sister for the work and I don't think anyone noticed all the imperfections but me anyway.

There was supposed to be a whammy bar, but it broke while waiting for the silver paint to dry. I guess gum paste needs a little more than overnight to dry when used for something structural.


  1. Tracy, Good job on the guitar cake. It looks so real.

  2. These are awesome Tracy! Great job! Email me - I have something to send you.

  3. great job, Tracy!!!! it's always nice to have an avocation to relax and have fun with. keep up the good work. will call you when i need a cake.

  4. Thank GOD I found this! haha I'm going to be attempting this tomorrow for my father-in-law's 50th b-day & I have never made a specifically shaped cake or worked with fondant, so it should be interesting to see how it turns out.

  5. Wow, Tracy, you've done such a great job with this cake! Ive been trawling the net for a decent guitar cake for my partner's 40th in October and this is one of the best I've seen! (who knew there were so many oddly mis-shapen guitar cakes out there?!!!) Thanks so much for posting this and detailing each step, I'll definitely be pinching this fab idea :-) x

  6. well done its fantastic

  7. gregor macgregorJuly 12, 2012 at 8:44 AM

    was lookin for a template , but this will do .... fantastic

  8. I wanted to make this cake for my son's 10th birthday party in a few weeks time. How many people does this cake feed?

  9. @Karen, I couldn't tell you how many that cake feeds. There weren't many people at the party and there was plenty of leftovers.

  10. Hi Tracy .. wonder if you could tell me how long the guitar is .. I checked fender guitar web site and it said 25.5 ins. .. just doesn't seem like that is big enough.
    Thanks .. I love your cake and hope mine comes out half as nice as yours!

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