Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fairy Cake

This cake was for a 5 year old girl's birthday party. The criteria given were: Fairy theme, pastel colors, sparkles, and feed 20 people. Okay.

I bounced around quite a few ideas before I came up with the final design. I was going to have two or three fairies having a tea party using vegetation as the furniture. I was going to have a leaf as the table, but I couldn't find one that I liked enough to copy. While out on a walk, I saw this flower growing on a vine that looked like it would make a great table. So I took a picture with my cell phone an researched it to see what kind of flower it was. It turns out it was a Clematis Bees Jubilee. Here is a picture:

I used gum paste and a petal cutter that one would use for poinsettia flowers. After they dried, I brushed them with red pearl dust. Pink would have been better, but I didn't have any. Before assembly, I cut off the base tip on the leaves so I could put them closer together. Here is a picture of the gum paste petals and the fairy wings after they were cut.

For the fairies, I used white modelling chocolate. I colored some yellow for the hair and made dresses out of red gum paste. While the chocolate dried, I used?skewers placed at?odd angles to hold everything in place. Here is a picture of the fairies before they had hair, dresses, faces, or wigs. They look really, really creepy. :-)

To finish off the cake, I made some little gum paste daisy-like flowers and frosted the cake with italian meringue buttercream tinted a nice pastel green. Oh, and the fairies are sitting on mushrooms made out of modelling chocolate. The tops were red gum paste with some holes cut out to make it look like white spots on top of the mushroom. Here is the final cake:


  1. Very creative and beatiful. Keep it up.

  2. that cake is adorable...what a wonderful job you daughter doesn't turn 7 until march, but my 8 year old has a birthday in July and he is a huge baseball fan!! so, if you're up for a challenge of a baseball game, that would be great!! it was great to talk to you at the reunion tonight...

  3. Tracy,

    I love this. You did a great job. Wait...who painted the faces? :-)

  4. My regular face painter wasn't around. So I had to do it all myself. The one fairy had a little too much lipstick. She's not as easily seen in the pictures for a reason.

  5. Hi Tracy,
    just came upon your creations, really really great. I want to make one too, but it will be difficult only by following your instructions. If only you could make a video, for the chocolate modellings and more. That would be easier. Thank you in advance.... Great inspirations. Keep up with your work.