Monday, August 31, 2009

Princess Castle Cake

I made this cake for a friend's 6-year-old daughter's birthday. My instructions were: Pink princess castle cake.

I had a general idea in mind, but the big problem was how to make the towers. I've seen the Wilton castle kit and it would have made a nice cake. But it just felt like cheating to use such a kit. Besides, I wanted almost everything to be edible. Then I noticed some candy decorating squeeze bottles somewhere. They were nicely cylindrical in shape with just a spout on the top. I got a bunch of those and cut the bottoms and tops off. Lined with wax paper, they made great tower molds for Rice Krispy treats.

I topped each tower with an ice cream cone. For the cakes, I made a 12-inch, 2-layer cake and an 8-inch, 2-layer cake. They were white cakes with a strawberry butter cream filling. Here's what it all looked like before the fondant was applied.

I wanted to find a brick pattern press for the fondant, but none of the local cake supply shops had any. There was no time to order one, so I just drew lines on the fondant.

Here is the finished castle:

For the purple cones, I just took some precolored red and precolored blue fondant and mixed equal parts together. It was still kind of dark, so some white fondant was mixed in with it. After the fondant was dried, I mixed some red and blue pearl dust and dry painted each cone to make them a bit sparkly.

I had help doing this cake. The same kid who helped make his little brother's pickup truck cake helped on this cake, too. He made the Rice Krispy treats and the butter cream. He helped with the fondant mixing and cutting as well.


  1. I love this cake, and that was a great idea about using the plastic tubes! I make princess castle cakes also (on my site in the cake gallery) but I keep the cardboard tubes from plastic wrap and tin foil and cover them with fondant. I also use ice-cream cones for the towers because I like the way they look :).

  2. First thanks for Fixing the Site. Second ... Sorry so slow to post, The cake was a big hit and Tracy put lots of towers so each kid could take one home. Poor Tracy had to drive at a turtles pace as the tower did not like anything with G-Force involved... turns, acceleration, and stopping. Tracy you?re a great friend and I'm glad you could share cake construction with your helper. My daughter and guests also enjoyed cake destruction and consumption!

  3. I would've covered the pillars with chocolate that will give them more stability and they will look smoother.

  4. Mejserr, great tip! I'll have to remember that next time.

  5. so glad I found this, my daughters are now going to get edible towers on their castle cake :) thank-you for sharing :)

  6. Love the idea for the towers i will be using this on the 2 castle cakes i have to make. thank you for sharing this idea

  7. I also didnt want to use the cake kit. I want my towers edible. I would like to use rice crispy, but definitely want a more smooth, stable, and professional look. Any suggestions??
    Also.. how long did you refridgerate the rice crispy towers before putting fondant on and how long refridgerated with fondant on??